Cast a curse

Hi! I need help to cast a curse on someone who did me wrong, who made me lose the most important thing, who caused on purpose so much pain. I want to send back pain, I want to have his job lost and anything else that is terrible. I donțt care about the consequences. It can be permanent, I can live with it. I will also have to live with a big los for the rest of my life.

Thank you


I have moved this to the Baneful Magick category as it is more appropriate for the topic than General Discussion.

thank you, i didn’t know where to start it

Honestly, use the search function and find one that suits your needs.

I am trying to, but as I said before, there are many members who are new to this but state their opinion anyway. That is why I was hoping for some direction in the right way.

yes. @norse900 did give you a direction. Search function. lots of curses have been discuss already. your answers are there. anything we say is just a repeat of those.


Excellent @Manta!!! The Dragon is the primal source of all creation and Destruction!
There are lots of bane workings in a website called spells of magic or something like that. There were lots of excellent spells.

:fire: :dragon: :fire:

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Hi. Check out my post: D.U.M.E…candle ritual. It’s a serious ritual, but doesn’t require too many ingredients. If you don’t want to kill, don’t use the very last part of spell.
I got results before either of my two dumes were burned down, it’s worth a shot if you want put the hurt on somebody.



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You can also (with gloves)sprinkle goofer dust on the candle. A black skull candle is a good substitution, but I prefer the 7 day dume jar candle, they can be ordered online.

I find dume candles powerful but dangerous cause you have to leave it on like several days.