Cases of Consequences

Hi All, I’ve been doing a bit of research and reading primers on magic lately. It’s repeated quite a bit how people can either get too cocky or careless and “blow themselves up” or otherwise destroy themselves, even in the RHP for trying to handle too much power and the like. I’ve also come across similar ideas in some threads on the forum, in which people were said to be able to get their “brains splattered on the walls” from careless misuse of magic and it’s entities.

What I am curious to hear about, is whether anyone has any knowledge of actual cases of that happening. I know it would probably be hard to confirm…since newspaper obits don’t ever say “their death was by magic”, but I was curious enough to ask anyway.

Does anyone know of any cases of people having died or been maimed in the practice of magic?


I’ve been stuck in mental hospitals on two occasions. I didn’t get maimed, but it totally sucked to get bombarded with so much negativity. Both times I had gotten into a “tunnel of improbability”.

Basically, it is very possible to attract magical energies that are seemingly beyond one’s control. A person knows they have grown up when they wish they could be a child again. A magician knows they’ve gotten somewhere when they find themselves trying to “invoke mundane reality” because things have gotten too weird.


I was once in mental hospital, and not so long ago (about year) have wery hard episode with suicide thougths, after that i went to terapy. But all of this turned out to make me aware of something about myself and was just a kick in the ass. And that was not effect of trying to handle too much power.

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