Carving Out an Astral Realm

Is it possible?

I’m gearing up to do some major hunting and battle in the astral to “get my fix”. But I always seem to make my own paths in realms that I’ve never heard of an encounter strange things.

Take an example. Recently, I decided I wanted to do some soul travelling into a volcanic cavern somewhere in the astral. I had been informed of a certain thoughtform lying dormant there, and it’s name withheld within the cavern.

Needless to say, getting through that cave was shockingly tough. I wasn’t prepared to be attacked so many times by so many types of entities.

But I feel like this isn’t some old, known place I’m walking into, I feel like I’m creating this in the astral.

Is such a thing even possible? Can one carve out a personal astral realm?

I don’t see why not. That’s what Heaven and Hell are, regions carved out of the astral by the beliefs of those who are into that kind of thing.

…Magic just got a whole new level of interesting for me.

My desire to explore unfamiliar realms can actually be done in the astral, and I can actually see results of it?

Excuse me, I have some planes to visit.

Yes it is a common technique of building places or even worlds on the astral or mental level.