Cartomancy with spanish cards

Greetings guys and gals. As a way of fighting my big tendency to procrastination, I’ve set my goals into workable goals in time frames. Along with black mirror practice, I’m all for divination, so I’m slowly getting familiar with the significance of each Spanish card. Does anybody from this forum uses them as well?.
If so, what pros and cons have you found, compared with regular tarot decks?

No one? lol.
Anyway, I just bought a Marsella deck, is quite cool, although I`d prefer a Thoth or even better a Rider -White, this last one has the pics I like best and seems to be richer in occult meaning.

I always focus more on the meaning of the picture while in the T/G sync than the name. I don’t think it would matter what language you have the cards in. I might buy a Spanish deck just to see :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, but what I meant with a Spanish Deck of cards is the common ones that here are used to play games, I know people around here who give quite detailed readings with those (they are not tarot decks).
Funny I wind up with a Marsella deck, I had this thing with French language since high school and never “got along” with it lol.