Carrying Sigils

I am planning on carrying two sigils in my wallet. One of Bune for ongoing wealth gathering potential. Another of Asmoday for enticing females who cross my path. My goal is to meditate on the sigils each morning with the hopes of the spirits’ essences come into them to help me during the day. Any thoughts?

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I will be carrying pendant sigils of Lilith and Samael. I will be invoking their spirits into the pendants.

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Look at them often. This collects attention which is, in the long run, just as effective as anointing them with blood or sex fluids. It ingrains it in your brain and if you associate it with your intention it will empower that as well.


In your experience, though, will the demons’ power (and not just mine) go into them by paying close attention to them?

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Yes. That’s one reason why some people will invest in or create statues for their altars. Idolatry is a way to put power in certain spirits and gods. It’s a symbiotic relationship; the devotee will pay attention to the statue by sight, touch or even upkeep and in return the entity it represents gives assistance and power, maybe even protection beyond the altar.


Exactly on the nail! Discussed this with Duke Dantalion earlier today and was given a new way to communicate with him and other Goetics. No altar, no incense, no candle required.


So just meditating on their sigils?

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Nope bit more involved… :smiley: you might be able to do that, he requires a bit more from some of us. You must be really advanced or have a really really great relationship with him.

Keep building that relationship.

@jboy How was your experience with carrying the sigils of Bune and Asmoday??

Has anyone else has tried carrying the sigils with them?
What results did you get??

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I’m still carrying them. Not much more luck with Bune. A bit with Asmoday, but not much there either. Mainly, I think, because I have been in a depressed mood and it hurts my magick I think.