Carlos Castaneda for Sorcerers?

So for about the past two to three months, people have been reccomending Carlos Castaneda to me non-stop. Even my mundane friends have mentioned him or told me to check him out. I’m not at all familiar with his work other than the twenty three pages I’ve read from “The Teachings of Don Juan”. I believe these books may hold the answers as to how I need to build myself back up and my life too, but so far, I haven’t seen anything but talk of psychedelics. I’m going to try to read them all but I’m a little confused. Is it just a series of books about psychedelic plants? Or are there hidden messages in the text? I know I haven’t read that far in and it’s fascinating, but I know these books have come into my life for a reason, and I just want to know why that is.


There’s no more talk of psychedelics in the later books, after the 1st 3 I believe.

Power of silence, fire from within are good books to go into if you want more practical stuff.

The best part is in Carlos’ experiences and Don Juans words and actions.


There is a lot more to it than just Psychedelic Plants. It’s about personal experience with the beings that share this world with us, and developing the discipline to form substantial relationships with them. A key point that I found in all of the books was Carlos begging for answers, but Don Juan would only show him the path to find them for himself. There is much wisdom in the way that Don Juan teaches his apprentice, even if one can’t see it on the surface. He teaches a great respect for the forces we work with, and the beings that help us understand the paths they take us on. It’s less about manipulating your reality and more about becoming one with it.

At least, that’s what I’ve gathered from reading some of his books. The Art of Dreaming will forever be a personal favourite of mine.


@thatrandomguy @Mercury It seems that I will see what I can take from this. I just experienced another synchronicity just now when I was outside fumigating a fetish with tobacco smoke.


Best of luck.