Carl Nagel books

Hello blessed be, Just wanted to know who has worked with Carl nagel Books, and results obtained and which of the books, including the rituals… Thanks in advance for sharing

At the conclusion of a series of workings for a goal that was very important to me I first used the chant to Shamash from his Babylonian Words of Power, and I have been repeating this every Sunday since. It’s a very comforting and empowering text.

That is the only chant I used from that book as I was a bit disappointed with the content (I was expecting ‘cool’ and ‘exotic’ Words of Power like in NAP)

I also did a series of rituals from his book about the Fire Spirits (I don’t remember the exact name but it was based on the Black Pullet talismans and the opening chant is the Witches’ Eko Eko chant). I actually still have the talisman that I made. I’m thinking of giving that book (the actual Black Pullet) another chance and make one of the rings.

Thanks Netherman, I honestly did appreciate your contribution. Though the NAP originally belongs to Geof gray cob

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knock yourself out.


I have some of his books and I’ve been doing chants for some days, and yet to do some rituals, but needed to know from people who have walked through his path before.

Hi @Oracle

I know NAP isn’t written by C. Nagel. It is the book in which I first read the term ‘words of power’ and that’s why I expected words of power in a book titled Babylonian Words of Power :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On a forum as big and active as this, there’s bound to be one or maybe even two others who have worked with any of his books. Good luck

Thanks bro @ Nethermann and one love bro

Hes written an awful lot about pretty much everything that can be imagined - This worries me to be honest. Pls let us know if you get any results as ive always but merely been tempted to aquire some of his work.


I have a lot of his work, but I’ve tried very few.

The only rituals of his I have tried were from his book “Demonic Sexual Magick.” One was a ritual of Astaroth and one was a conjuration to bring money. Both were complete failures.


Yeah I’m trying his chants for a start, and will update on the result.

If you want to talk to Carl go over to studio arcanis and find Andras. That is him!

He has 239 ebooks by 2 publishers, lately he has writing a lot on all subjects, peopls say it not work etc easy money, his best books are, sexual /demonic magic, wurchraft power, /salomon seals, /babylonia words, /and shawdos book, /on ebooks his witchcraft series #1 to 5.i have, ok sucees whit them. But the thing is u can addat some stuff, /some books are re_lease,sime peopls hate him. Same not. But hws ok.

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