Career path with magic

Hello everyone,

I’m doing a lot of things, luckily I don’t have to go to a workplace and I’m satisfied with my earnings, but a time ago I’m thinking about to dispose some of my works and just focus on a single career line doing one type of a job, because the things I do now are so different from each other.

Is there any good method to see which would benefit me the most? Or any demon to be called on this instance?

Thank you

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You could use divination such as Tarot.

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And if there is like 3 way to choose from, how would you do that with tarot?

3 card for each, or a single separate reading for each way?

It would in my mind, make more sense to ask something like What is the best career path for me? and let the cards tell you- without limiting to what you currently do or trying to figure out how to ask a question about three outcomes in separate readings and needing to compare notes. You leave room for human error that way and the possibility that none of the options are actually the best one. With Tarot the best answers come if you are specific, without being specific at all.

I’m not sure why you would need 3 cards for each either. A standard 5 card draw should show you everything from where you are in the first card or two, to what you should do in the 2/3-4th cards and the 4/5th will be the outcome if you do it.


I would recommend what @anon97554939 suggested. From what the cards suggest, if you wish to know more about the career it the Tarot suggests, then you can do additional readings on it, and design a spread that will give you all the knowledge you want to know about the career.

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I did a quick draw for it, and the 5 cards

  1. The magical
  2. 8 of pentacles
  3. Page of pentacles
  4. 6 of wands
  5. 9 of wands

Can you write me a legit 2 sentence short summary about how to get this?

The question was like (listing the things I’m good at) “what way should I really choose to be my main career path”

So if I understand you, you want me to summarize five cards, without actually knowing the full question, or which deck was used, in two sentences?

No I’m sorry, I would more than likely struggle to summarize each card in under two sentences each, and without knowing what the question actually was as far as the paths go, that’s literally all I could give- a summary of the cards and hope you would be able to pick up which choice is being alluded to based on the property Of the cards.

You saying listing the things you are good at, so you asked a multiple choice question of your deck, but I can’t tell you which choice it choose based on that, because I don’t know them. The best I could do would be to look at them all tell you what types of careers might be related based on the sum of the properties of the cards. I would have no way of getting any more specific than general types of jobs related to the cards.

I don’t feel that’s productive, I’m not a mind a reader and I’m not going to try to play a guessing game. I might have considered trying to interpret cards if you didn’t want a two sentence summary for five cards, and had either given the full question you asked, or used the a variant of the one I’d suggested. But I do think I’ll take my butt back to bed :slight_smile:

You miss understood me, I only wanted you to summarize because I know that you know the cards well (and sadly I don’t) and I didn’t wanted to rob your time that’s why :slight_smile: