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Hi , i want to have a rap career and i was just asking about things i can do or entities to help me in my creativity and attaining success

Ps: i am not interested in things like selling my soul

’ selling your soul ’ is a christian myth. Belial has definitely served me well in my buisness life but you may want to seek out an entity known for being associated with mastering linguistics, an orator & communication and of course music. Maybe someone else could chime in who has some experience with a spirit they have experience with that could fit the bill to suggest.


Actually “selling your soul” is a thing…Speak to the Demon Aciel about it. He is very friendly and nice lol but he can get you a good deal for your soul… :wink:

Basically you will have to serve under Aciel for a given amount of time in hell…You won’t be his slave but you will be employed by him. You can ask him for money, women etc in return. For example, you can ask for money and women and return you will have to serve him as an employee for 80years in human time.

And Of course, The price is going to be too much. You will give a lot more than recieve. It’s not going to be a good deal.

Well, sounds like a lame time to me. I’ve worked with Lucifer, Azazel, Belial, extensively as well as workings with many other goetic spirits, Thurses, Aesir, Kali, Lilith, the Morrigan… and have consumed hundreds of books on occult topics, much of them of a left hand path leaning and I have not come across anything like that outside of Christian propaganda. Sounds like if a work or legitimate tradition or entity did claim to require or work like this you would need to seek it out and fir what reason? Monetly and Women? Theres so many other entities that could grant illumination along that path and so much more.
If you do have a source though of where I can read more about this though, I’d definitely be interested to check it out.


Absolutely, I do have the source…I will send you in PM.

Lol…It’s good news that you recognise the fact that this “soul-selling” isn’t worth it.

But let me drop you the URL link to this in PM

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