Care to venture a guess about this symbol?

I started to use symbols for various aspects of my craft. Each aspect of the symbol has very specific meaning.

Can you take a wild guess about or divine the purpose of this symbol?



i saw penises (!), grounding, and drawing energy down from the stars, though that may just be the satellite-dish-like shape I Rorschach’d from it! :+1:


I see a calling of 4 elements into a circle with the Ether or spirit of the personal sigil inside the middle, representing the sorcerers power of the universe. I see a representation of hells power as well with possible representation of manifesting on the as above so below basis. Am I close?


+1 for grounding
+1 for drawing energy
+5000 for penises


Holy shit.

+4 for elements
+1 for circle
+1 for hell / or the underworld
+1 for recognizing the exchange (as above so below)



Hmm… I get something involving necromancy.

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Wow excellent!


Ok reveal time…

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The symbol represents how a ritual is to start and to get a sense of the flow of energy for the work.

The symbol above represents opening a circle with the four elements in standard cardinal positions. (the little circles are in all four positions)

The fork represents a flow of energy. The fork pointed at the circle draws energy from the operator. The fork pointed diagonally down draws from the underworld. (Upwards diagonal would be celestial, life, divine)

The straight lines close to the forks represent a ‘willing’ exchange. Without the bars, it is a forced exchange.

In the drawing above we see double forks, but you can use just one. Great for vampirism. Note that the forks can be anywhere around the circle.

The cross explains that the energy will be petitioned from the entity representing the underworld. Any adornment represents a petition, or evocation.

The letter represents the type of energy the circle will be dealing with. N is natural for me, or elemental. A would be angelic, D demonic , P planetary, etc.

So conclusion: An elemental circle is created and a petition is made to a spirit of the underworld or death such as Euronymous for a free exchange of ideas, perhaps even an Invocation.

Nice work gang!


It’s like a sigil combining all the planetary powers and the elements…
Small hint of infernal energy to :face_with_monocle:


Absolutely right. See the reveal above.

Nice work!

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Is not gateway to cosmic sausage fest? (Insert @succupedia sausage gifs)

Eva sad naow…

Hey so on a serious note, how would you suggest someone uses it? :+1:



The symbol is a statement about the type of circle, cardinal orientation, energy flows and type of spirit involved if any. It sets the mood.

Consider it compact notation.

So I would put that symbol in a book with the simple description “Euronymous to speak with the dead.”

That’s all I need to explain the whole ritual setup and mood.

Edit: Think how easy it is to symbolize vampiric action.

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BTW, I’m writing a user guide for this symbol system. Hopefully it will be useful in some way. It will contain plenty of examples.

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I see a downward symbol for male. Also some elements of Bune.

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The immediate image that came to my mind when looking at the sigil was a vision of the sea - waves crashing. Something to do with water.

…So where do the penises come into play?

When do they not? lolz.

I wrote the first draft of my guide. If anybody is interested, PM me for a copy.

Once it is complete, I’ll post on the forum as a wiki.