Care to share something from your spiritual journal

Someone on here posted some images of their scyring journal which had drawings in it with beings they had seen, anyone else keep a journal of their experiences, how does it feel looking back on them years later?

Sometimes I feel inspired to see how far I have come. Sometimes I feel like an idiot when I read some of my harebrained ideas.

An entry from a couple of years back; I had a dream that I was in a great battle, it felt more real than waking life… the soldiers I was fighting with started to drop like flies. A group of soldiers from the enemy side started to close in on me. As I rasied y shield and prepared to go out in a blaze of glory I felt a hand in my shoulder. When I turned around it was a very tall and muscularfigure. It was undoubtedly a male but also got a female impression as well. As he spoke his words rumbled like thunder " I am Leviathan and we shall start anew" when I turned around to face the enemy they had all ran. I turned back to Leviathan and he smiled “I will be here always, just call out my name”. Then I awoke…shortly after that my life took a turn for the better and I got a job on the water working on a tow boat ,) . Just a little something I thought I would share.