Cardinal Attribution of Belial

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I am wondering what the proper cardinal attribution is for Belial. In the pathworking in Evoking Eternity it is given as North or West but in the Gatekeeper ritual described in the Book of Azazel it is given as South. Which is the right direction to face?

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That would be according to his element. He is a fiery demon. The element-cardinal association isn’t the same in all traditions, so you’ll have to do some research…

Belial is both very firey and earthy in my experience. I have always faced North, but give South a try and see what happens.

As Elison refs… but also, the Gatekeeper Rite is creating a coordinated affect (all four being brouht in, to create a specific affect, for that rite… if it was for a diff affect, the same 4 may have been in diff-corners… and if a DifferentFour were involved (ie B. plus 3 other Entities)= the combo would be a different result… still could be shaped by which “corner” B was attrib’d to.

So could be different “how to call” stand-alone (as in EE)… which could be in any dir. (part of the subj synth and prelim contact prior to Evoking, one should have received fdbk…
part of that Comm would be getting a feel, and confirm/comment from the Entity, prior to locking it in…

as in Bkof A, that is being done setting up the material of the bk, not as in how-to, but the how-to is what resulted… if following the Gatekeeper Rite, one should have the other prereqs mentioned (?) have a person ready to be possessed-channel?

and Evoking a single, prior to evoking multiple (per EE) and as EA commented in forum posts, the Gatekeepers being called creates a ritual-space charged to a degree one should do only after being ready to jump ft first in to change… thus perhaps based upon prior evoking each individually))

but per your post, evocation isn’t specifically mentioned, so perhaps cardinal-attrib for a diff reason? if trying to match a GoldenDawn style list of catagories X goes with which type… that is a subjsynth that could be developed (my exper, as mentioned in my above, is a bit different so might not be as useful for what you are trying to do, as to me generalizing into groups like that seems to only allow surface-contact). luck

It depends on which grimoire or system you’ll be using, in many Belial is not mentioned as a cardinal king. You could open his sigil and ask for guidance to these questions. Also placing him in a different position could possibly evoke a different aspect of the spirit. The only direction I’ve never heard of him being called from was the east so you’ve got a 33% chance of getting it right :slight_smile:

I’ve always faced south for Belial and felt his presence very strongly in that CD

Oh Belial, you are so god damned confusing.

South? Well, maybe for whatever entity it is you are calling on. For the Belial of the Goetia it is the west. Belial is the first king under Paimon and Paimon rules the spirits of the western quarter and all the creatures of the sea. Like his ruler he is a beautiful and refined spirit whose power is cold and dark as the depths of the ocean. Utterly different to the burning flame of the south’s Amaymon.

Poete if you don’t mind me asking how did you find out which kings rule which spirits?

Sure. There are other grimoires of similar or older age to the Ars Goetia that deal with essentially the same, though somewhat expanded, list of spirits. These are so related that they necessarily have a common source dating to some point lost in time. These provide such attributions for the kings for certain but not all spirits, and these attributions, where they appear, interestingly agree with one another across the grimoires. In particular, there is an apparent tradition of twelve chief spirits being assigned to each of the four kings. Some of these books are, however, like the one kept by my order, not available to the public. On a more personal note, these seem to make some magical sense, but they will more become apparent to one as one begins to work with each of the kings and learns his nature. I believe most will only have ever contacted Paimon. Oriens and Egyn/Ariton have likely never even been attempted.

But in the case of Belial the attribution is given within the Ars Goetia itself as well as being found in at least two published works, The Book of Treasure Spirits and The Book of the Offices of Spirits.