Capturing weather in a crystal

I don’t know a whole lot about crystals but i hear they’re quite good at holding and transferring energy. I was wondering if there is a way to siphon in energy from the weather. Sort of vampirism and then storing the excess in the crystal.

Only thing ive done with this kind of work was a few years ago, i pulled some of the energy from a lightning storm into a circle of quartz crystals i used in a nearby field at the time for energy work. No formal ritual just the circle of crystals and a meditation. Storm went a bit berserk around me at the time but that has become the norm for me if i do any energy work involving tapping into storms.

Its handy if you need a recharge after a heavy drain or if you want to use the energy in spell work. At the time i only used it to suppliment my work with the elements taking advantage of the properties of the quartz to amplify energy.

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What about using a laptop charger or a battery to do so?

I wouldnt recommend it personally. Only cause electronics tend to go a tad crazy when in proximity to magical work of any kind. Least any time is running the the area im in this has been my experience.