Can't stay out longer.. any advice?

This past day, I had the improvement in OBE just after the practice of grounding. I can already get out of my physical when I want to. But, same problem before haven’t been solved. I am always pulled back even I repeatedly get out.

Now, I ask help again. :slight_smile: How can I solve this?
I look forward to have the answer from you guys.
Thanks again… as always… hehe

I read once that strengthening the chakras helps with astral projection. Maybe this website will help:

thanks luck!
yes it helped me doing the kundalini practices to raise it and strengthen the energy flow.
It made a big improvement and not only in astral travelling…

Ive heard the nearer you are top your body the more difficult it is to stay out.

Try imagining a rope holding you out to a wall.

thanks bud… I’ll try that. might be a binggo for me…

Can you remember any particular emotions you were having when you’re pulled back? I’ve read and experienced that feeling any emotion brings you back to your physical body,so observing without judging or having any strong emotion about your eexperience should keep you out longer

Actually EA talks about anchoring yourself to an object in his soul travel course. For eg he used a banister if I rem correctly in one of his travels which involved a house.


well, yeah, emotions and physical attachment that I can’t keep myself off. I always can’t keep out myself from observing what’s happening to my body when I left. But now, things are goin better and better. I had longer times than before.
thanks guys and I’ll need more from you.

That might explain the success I’ve been having by activating my sense of taste, which gives me very long lucid dreams. The anchor point is in my mouth, so it’s easy to keep track of.

Try putting something in your mouth and tasting it, that might do the trick.

What a brilliant idea - thanks! :slight_smile: