Cant sleep, so hows everyone doing?

Lets share some experiences or ideas if you wish

on the topic of Lucifer, anything that comes to mind :smiley:


Im just a bit worried about my future channeling with Lucifer. I know it’s going to work, I know I’m going to be pleased with the end result. It’s just the first time I’ve let a spirit partial-posses me. Anyways, Are you new to Lucifer too?


Dealing with adrenaline.
Just enjoying the night.


Oh, thank you for reminding me, I have to evoke Belial for my pathwork, but I did just open Lucifer’s sigil for a task. First time too.

Update: was able to contact Belial, and he started working on my 3rd eye, and temples by my eyes.


Hey @StrengthenedWarrior
What does an agnostic dyslexic insomniac do?

Can’t sleep, so going to do something useful and etheric project.


Lucky you, I’m stiil trying to step out of my body, I will one day… one day

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(Random comment)

I’m having amaretto in my coffee. That always feels luxurious.


Remove everything you don’t need from your bedroom if you can.
Don’t take your phone with you to the bedroom, use a simple alarm clock.
If you know you’re gonna need at least one hour to fall asleep, go to sleep one hour earlier than you should.
Open your window before you go to bed to you have some fresh air. Your bedroom shouldn’t be too warm either.

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hi guys, thanks for the talks! :smiley: I actually tried going to sleep but slept very little, dealing with…parasites at the moment.

@TheUmbra Im not new to Lucifer, hes actually helping me a lot through this parasite situation, him and others, though i have to fight like crazy.

@Healing_Heart and how is your relationship with Lucifer?

@Helena Ill try doing all those things, opened the window an all, :smiley:


still lovin the profile pic! :smiley:

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why cant you sleep either ?

I have and ex, who was my first love, I thought I heard the last of him, and I mean I’ve moved past him, but now he wants to be friends. This poses challenges for me emotionally. If I could take him back I would. His official sexuality is straight these, were young when we were together, so it was definitely a bromance gon gay. I was he thought he was. How would one persuade Lucifer to whisper in his ear for me, make him think he wants me again. If not to get him back, then at least make him feel the same content yet confused shit I do?

i highly doubt that is lucifers department

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Doesn’t he have subordinates that I could confer with

I’m not familiar with the order of demons

i probably should have been more clear on title, im not comfortable giving peeps advice on Lucifer unless im sure of what i say, in your case, i would contact him yourself, but i think maybe he would tell you something along the lines of: “You need to focus on yourself.”

My apologies, these are fresh emotions as I wake, I rolled with the title and hadn’t really considered the denotation. How would you recommend I commune with him in order to find my path beyond these feelings

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no problem!

To contact him, draw his sigil and place it in front while gazing and chanting his enn, best advice i know to give you to make contact

NEWBIES click on search bar on forum as well, to learn how to contact Lucifer