Can't see anything when projecting

Hello, often while I am in a light level of sleep, perfect area for lucid dreaming, I find I am able to leave my body. I have the srangest sensations as I leave and fly upwards I can tell the difference I am not dreaming. I can say I ave mastered lucid dreaming flying and this is much different. However I can usually see the initial outline of my room as I rush towards the ceiling to pass through, I can’t see anything on the otherside. At this point I’ll fall into my body and attempt to shoot upwards again. I repeatedly shoot up and fall down not seeing anything, more like feeling like I’m going up and down. Then I’ll just give up and relax.
Maybe someone can help explain this phenomenon?

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My problem is seing myself get out and shoot through the ceiling. it really frustrates me, I get out, then I find myself flying. I never see myself leaving my body, I don’t know why. Only once I saw myself above my body, and it was exuding a beautiful golden light. I still did not see myself consciously getting out though.
When I fly I can physically feel it if i fly above or next to trees. I can feel the leaves brushing against me.


Anchoring yourself into the experience will allow you to overcome this. When I get out of body I usually project myself to a targeted area in my house (a door) and hold on to the door handle that I projected to until my vision clears up. The main thing is not to panic when this happens or think about it to much because it will throw you back into your body. Just calmly hold on for a minute and give yourself time to get grounded. Your vision will clear up if you do this.