Can't keep my eyes still?

I’ve been practising the TGS for a few weeks now, and sometimes I manage, but usualy I just can’t seem to keep my eyes still for some reason.
I try not to focus, but ‘gaze’ (as EA calls it) more, but my eyes twitch all over the place once I really try to keep them still. I have this all day, but it doesn’t become a problem (or even noticable at all) why I try to meditate.

Any tips/experience on this?

One thing that works for me is to focus my gaze between two objects, at the space in between them. Since the gaze is aming at a discernable location, its easier to keep the eyes steady, and at the same time since the gaze is also in open space, it’s ok if the eyes wander a bit since the ‘empty space’ is so large of an object that no matter where you look you’ll see it.

Another method might be to use the zen wall gazing technique, where you sit in front of a blank wall. So no matter where you look you’ll still get the same view. Same can be done with an open sky, or a long view of a horizon outside.

That’s because you’re searching for the stillness.The same way you can still your body and pretend to be a statue,do it for your eyes.See it like a game or a funny exercise.
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