Can't find sigil for abigor

Nearly 4 decades ago I greatly and wrathfully insulted Abigor during a vision in which he may have wanted to do good by me. I had just gotten in the Infantry unit in Germany when he came. me-being me super Mormon come to save all the world snapped like “It is from satan- ATTAAAAAACK!” I am sure he found it amusing, I want to evoke him to apologize try to make good and hopefully establish a productive relationship with.

But I have noticed so far at least I find no sigil for him. if he tryly has no sigil- would it be ok for me to make one in hopes it may add to making a better relationship with us.


I’ve heard of a program online that creats sigils for almost anything,a type of generator.Not sure what all info you need for this but has anyone else heard of this

Google Rosey Cross Sigil generator.