Can't Astral Project?

Hello everyone! I astral projected back in January for the first time ever and I was so excited but I haven’t been able to since. I was wondering what methods work the best and if I can develop this skill? I really wish I had to money to buy the soul travel course, but alas. I don’t. Are there any techniques that you guys use that a newbie to soul travel could use? Any help would be much appreciated,

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How does it feel when u succeed? Do u feel like your awake and walking around? Or does it feel like you are thinking you are walking around? I have never done this . But the idea of astral projecting fascinates me. I would like to learn

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if I can develop this skill?

Yes, it is a skill and it can be developed.

When I was around 14, I tried the instructions from a book about astral projection. I didn’t have access to a lot of occult knowledge back then so I had to settle for a book I ordered out of the back of a comic book. lol

I’m pretty sure it was this book:
Astral Travel by Gavin and Yvonne Frost

I didn’t know if it would work or not, but it did.

Suddenly, my point of view shifted to a corner of my bedroom and I was looking down on my body laying on the bed. I remember I could “see” all around me without turning my field of vision. And it was as real to me as my ordinary vision was.

It only lasted a few seconds and scared the shit out of me. It was “too real”. I locked myself back in my body pretty damn tight after that. lol

That was well over 20 years ago and I’ve never been able to repeat that vivid experience. But I’m working toward it.

(That was actually more of a projection into what Robert Bruce calls the “Real Time Zone”, but it uses the same techniques.)

But that doesn’t mean I can’t soul travel. It just isn’t the same sort of experience.

I found my back door into soul travel was through active meditation.

You start off actively imagining a scene. That gives your critical mind something to “play with” to keep it busy while you start receiving stuff.

After a little bit, my critical mind just fades away and I start experiencing a flow where the imaginary journey continues and I’m no longer controlling it, but I’m still participating in it.

Lady Eva helped me realize this was a valid soul travel experience by asking me these two questions:
(1) Do you remember it as a memory?
(2) Are you aware of what your physical body was doing at the time?

When I go on these soul travel journeys, they are memories for me and I’m not aware of my physical body.

I can, however, “flick” my awareness back to my physical body for a moment, move if I need to, and return to the journey.

Here are some of the techniques you can use to get started with this.

Recently, I realized these are the same techniques shamans use on their shamanic journeys. I’ve started incorporating audio clips of beating drums into the technique and it’s helping me reach a deeper state more quickly.

Here’s a video on YouTube with the correct rhythm for the drum beat.

From what I understand, the rhythm of the drum beat syncs your brain into the Theta state required for the experience.

The drum beat is almost distracting in the beginning, but it always fades away for me after a few minutes and I get lost in the journey itself.

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Are there any techniques that you guys use that a newbie to soul travel could use? Any help would be much appreciated,
Lady Eva has an intro to Shamanic journeying if you go to search.....also, much of what Robert Bruce teaches can be found on YouTube or on his forum...don't give up! Set an intention to remember your journey before you sleep at night. Lastly, and not in order of impotance, if you ask Lucifuge Rofacale for assistant, he is extremely helpful. Best of luck

If you want to try some different astral projection techniques, check out Robert Bruce’s books on astral projection.

I couldn’t get them to work for me, but I definitely had some interesting experiences trying to get them to work.

I think this is his most “hands-on, do the work” book:
Mastering Astral Projection

And this one has more information about his exploration of the astral plane:
Astral Dynamics

ever tried catching yourself as you’re falling asleep to where you get to the point where you’re in sleep paralysis and already half in a trance? Thats where i started off from and had good success. Also a good point to meditate from if the “first 5 minutes” is the hardest point to meditate to

Another edit i feel the need to add this because i had this happen to me when i started getting into sleep work
edit: moar info
you ever lay in bed with your eyes closed and feel like you’re in a different position then you actually are, maybe you shifted in the middle of the night. Maybe this is your astral body in a different position than your actual body. You may also see a different part of the room “through your eyelids” than the one you’re actually facing?

although these are hard to control maybe try astral projecting out of these stages

I used to get stuck in sleep paralysis, and I could kind of see around me but I never got out of my body. Now I’m trying to astral project and I can’t see at all, I get as far as feeling my heart race and slight vibration before it’s almost like I’m smacked back in my body. And if I try to ignore the “smack” a random body part will just itch and if I scratch it’s over. If I don’t scratch it gets really uncomfortable.
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