Cannot sleep

i am having a problem to sleep as i don’t feel tired and when i sleep i wake up in 20 minutes,during the night,all night the same thing and it started this week.
is there someone having some similar issue in this week?
could be something associated with our daily practices?

have a good day everybody


It might be a sign that you are pushing too far too quickly. It’s a symptom most associated with necromancy and shadow magick (as in magick that literally works with shadows and their energy). If that sounds like you just try and take things a bit more slowly. It might mean that your mind and Spirit aren’t yet ready to cope with the energies you are harnessing. Try balancing your energies, and just take this opportunity to analyze your limitations. I couldn’t sleep as well when I first started necromancy (I am still a beginner, but here I am talking like first few weeks or so after picking up the practice), so that might very well be the problem.


YouTube… Binaural beats.


I just started working exploring the left hand path and ive been waking up every hour on the hour. I did an evocation of Lucifer and he told me to slow down and take a break. That whole be careful what you wish for thing. I asked for power and i got it but there’s too much of it :expressionless:

Try grounding yourself. Eat a lot of good nourishing food, music with a lot of bass rock metal. A sleepytime tea or chamomile tea. Avoid caffine.


Have you tried taking melatonin? ASMR videos are good for lulling a person to sleep but if you’re having trouble with constantly waking up melatonin is a safe sleep aid.


i do listen alot of music,Behemoth-Nile-Watain-Bolzer

this may be the result of be possesed by Belial? one of the symptons ?
the lack of sleep etc

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If this is a magickal problem I don’t think just ignoring it with medication is the best solution. If something is caused by an overload or imbalance in energies I doubt any amount of medication will truly make the problem go away. It might get suppressed for a while, but energetic backlash is not something that should be just medicated away.


It’s definetly a symptom of necromancy but it wears off. It’s like you can feel the dead watching you but you eventually get used to it.


I had the same goddmamn problem. Limit meditation to 10 minutes a day. IDK why but a small minority of people when they meditate too much they suffer crippling insomnia, heed my advice, don’t put yourself through that. Try meditating just ten minutes a day see how it goes for you after 2 months. I’ve literally stayed awake 72 hrs straight before from meditation for 1:30 each day.


I have had that happen for years, on and off. For me it is a symptom of obsessive personality, and it generally occurs when I am immersing myself into new material; a project, a new business venture or scaling, when I discover a new topic, and of course, when I delve into new areas of my spiritual practice. For myself I have found that a good, solid relaxing meditation (no mantra, in the dark, no music when I do this kind) is the bridge I need to fall asleep. From what I can tell, it is bringing my mind closer to that middle point, so my hyper-conscious state is not trying to go straight into the other extreme of sleeping. If all else fails, I rinse and repeat after a stiff cup of chamomile and skullcap tea. Be wary of skullcap, though. It is powerful and should be treated like a medication, so always consult a physician before you start taking it.


I woke up with my arm close to explode,felt so much pressure,so much pressure that i woke up and instantly got off from the bed and started to walk in my house,fuck,this pressure was insane

all this insanity started in 2014 and i had the sleep problem in 2014 too,where i had difficult to sleep for more than 30 days,specially at night because the activities in my house were so much and i couldnt sleep,spiritual activities i mean…

when i first saw a spirit manifsted,in this same day when i went to sleep after the college i lost the control of my mind for like 15 or 20 minutes,then a infinity symbolism started to pop in my head like a acelerated video ( but believe me,i tried to control but nothing happened ),i felt a touch in my both legs as i suspect that i was having a problem in the pressure of blood ( which was not normal as i am very young ) after that,this problem was over…

the spirit in question were Samael,he came and gave me his personal sigil,then started to dump all this symbolism in my head and for the first time in life i was able to feel how bad it is when we cannot control the things that are happening in our mind and i felt so fucking lost.

i know that i probably said it in some post,but he tried to give me a symbolism that is too big to be painted,obvious i was not able to draw it,then he showed again but the same problem happened,the symbol is too big and i cannot draw it,now i suspect that he is basically saying ( find a way to do that,i need you to do that )

because if he tried 2 times,it is because he need something from me and now you ask ( why dont you ask directly to him ben ?

have you ever spoke with him? for sure he is not the kind that talk but he wil for sure dump a zilion symbolism in your mind but i have no idea what he was doing,i believe that i was iniciated by him as he was the first spirit that i saw manfested and also the first personal sigil that was given to me.

i am explaining everything because maybe someone have passed for something similar and believe me i tried to understand the whole situation but i was able to only find one part of the conclusion that i was initiated by him

so this pressure in the arm and the lack of sleep first started in 2014 and now its back,well it happened once again…

aside of that,all good,job is going good,nothing to complain
job that Belial helped me

the weird thing is that i feel that Samael and Belial are not friends
judging by the symbolism that i saw ( which of course i am not 100% sure ) but judging by the symbolism and the whole situation,something weird happened

sorry for the text too much things in the head =0

thanks for all responses


@Ben_Sahar i have been where you are with the info overload a few times it is never fun . First time i worked with the old ones and a few of the other entities that i have crossed paths with in my search to deepen my understanding and wisdom in regard to the nature of reailty. I would sometimes get solid batches of info all at once that felt like would feel like my brain was trying to read 1000 page book in 5 seconds.

I have found that when this type overload occurs from knowledge it is best to stick to the base foundations of practice whatever that may be for you. For me this was some light energy work and a few minutes of point meditation other than that i would meditate on the info/symbols given and it would slowly get broken into pieces as my mind asslimilated it.

I would suggest the same, meditate on the symbol and dissect it into pieces if ya can.
I have found that as focus on the info/symbols increases synchronicity has a way of bring things into your life that will help you understand the symbolism as the energies linked to it are drawn forth.

Hope this helps as i know mental/spiritual overload can be a massive drag


13th to 20th is going to be a chaotic time. Things that are buried in the subconsious will be rising to the surface. So distubed sleep pattern is likley due to that too.


Well, staying on your phone or computer is not helping at all. The backlight messes with your Melatonin production.

I am usually on my computer until I go to sleep, so I get insomnia as well. I just lie in bed, and do breathing exercises while I make my mind blank. I’m usually out in half-an-hour.


When I need it I took Skullcap. Valerian is good but can lead to mood swings and does with me. And it’s real hard to OD on sleeping herds.