Cannon Law on Use of Consecrated Objects

Hello i was wondering what people think about the Catholic Church and there insane restrictions, primarily on consecrated objects. You are forbidden to use a sacred objects for non Christian use if it has been consecrated. I think when the Templars and the Vatican came in to power there was a major crackdown. The penalty for these things was to be tortured to death. It seems there was a major crackdown on any other spiritual practice any thoughts?


Most consecrated objects (consecrated for any reason whatsoever, not just Christianity) shouldn’t be used for mundane purposes, but some are more zealous about this than others. My “athame” is a ball peen hammer, set apart for spiritual use as well as for mundane use, since it’s a hammer after all


Sounds fair enough to me, I wouldn’t want anyone using my stuff for their own special sky fairy.

The priests and so on also have a responsibility to their “flock” that items used for worship don’t contain traces of demonic energies, especially when you consider a lot of them genuinely believe this might damn someone to eternal torment.

And with the whole transubstantiation of the Eucharist thing, not to mention veneration of saints, relics, and acceptance of miracles, they are a more occult-leaning church (accepting the inexplicable as a manifestation of some kind of spirit) so it makes sense.

So I can’t fault them for it, personally.


It’s their stuff they can do what they want with it but I still have as much distain for the church as I do Islam both are violent as can be and destructive to anything that’s not them. And often destructive to themselves also.


I wonder if we could inject demonic influence into them from the astral plane via astral projection or through evocation. It would be quite funny to be a fly on the wall when the people start freaking out.

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It just interests me the tools they use. I lit my baptismal candle and it seems to tune me in to there astral space. I guess just better to bind my own own talisman then deal with them