Canneling the son of a demigod:

Make of it what you will, OR have fun laughing.either way, he’s finally done.

The secret of Magic, the universe and limitless supermodel porn star sex:

Well… not really, but close!
Look well and ponder what I give you, for as a Templar of Void, I hide gold in feces,
Jewels in garbage.Let the worthy understand and nod knowingly…

INSIDE, is merely a closed in part of OUTSIDE.And no matter how hard you humans try, with sweat,blood and tears, you can NEVER separate the outside from itself!
This “mythical” Outside is the multiverse…
The MULTIVERSE pervades all, because it IS all!
Meh, Smeg, universe…IF that is what your mind can handle,but here is the BLUEPRINT for reality, make rooms at your own damn peril or enjoyment.
NINE who bear witness in Heaven, Hell, and Void.
THREE for each realm, be it LIGHT, DARK, or SHADOW.333 has a meaning, each beast has a number THAT is MINE,but that is irrelevant at this point in the conversation.Oh, sure.I’m the horned leopard of the apocalypse, mainly because Abbadon is a silly bitch and I’m taking his place, but the container bitches, not enough alcohol and I fucking digress from my goal of giving you POWER beyond your WET fucking dreams.

Do you want POWER? Realize that there IS NO INSIDE! YOU are PART of this grand scheme,AND as PART of this GRAND SCHEME, YOU HAVE CERTAIN RIGHTS BOII!

{Boii is Ki’Gi’Sa for "civilian/non magic user…sorry. <–Magus}

Yeah, yeah. YOU are NOT a random unimportant gear in a vast machine, YOU have power.Just a question of how far can your mind go Boii?
In order to manifest a damn thing, You must first realize that you must VISUALIZE your needs/desires, the second thing is to make your needs/desires solid enough to drift to YOUR level of reality…EVEN the Judeo/Christian/Moslem god admits that ALL matter came from Void, first page in the Christian book in fact! Let us bring this to your level humans hmm?

You VISUALIZE your needs…
You CONDENSE a portion of the MULTIVERSE to match that need.
You literally make “outside” a kind of “inside”.

“BUT…You just said that can’t be done!”

Yes I did.shut up and read boii.

Make for yourself a “bubble” linked to yourself and MANIFEST the reality you desire inside it, then draw it into yourself much like the standard centering method and you have your desires manifest and where you want them!

That simple, DO IT! be that god you desire.

Yeah, I Magus Shadow take NO responsibility for the use/misuse of this information, I know this guy, he means well and means what he says,but YOU in the end take ultimate responsibility.

Wait, what?

There’s a law that states “As above, so below. What is inside is outside.” Is this it?

Sounds like it to me.

Or, that bit in Star Trek TNG, when the self-aware Moriarty hologram hacks the holodecks and makes a whole “external” ship inside his own programme, and then Jean-Luc Picard (the causal factor) mistakes it for the real Enterprise, and totally gets phished for the password, giving the hologram entity control of the REAL ship, and then because of that they give Moriarty his own entire seperate reality.


Something like that.
Sorry, he’s not as good with our kind as his father.

If the spirits feel anything like the level of frsutration I feel trying to communicate simple things to my dog - like, “if you’re panting and really hot, why don’t you try NOT lying right next to the radiator?” - which I think they must! - then every last bit of spluttering and ranting is totally understandable! :wink:

A bit of an update.The horned wonder likes to get drunk with me so he completed his son’s thought:

At the risk of sounding like a pompous ass and besmirching an occult icon,
The Magi Crowley did NOT have the entire picture or a solid concept of the reality of what he was saying with “As above, so below” Or perhaps he DID
And figured everyone would take it the next two steps naturally.Pity Horus the pedophile god murdered him, he was poised to change the world of Sorcery forever with his system of sympathetic and harmonic workings, but I have digressed as I often do when talking to you humans, for I enjoy it so…

Does NOT go far enough nor render the FULL POWER of this iconic statement of self empowerment:
Examine this, for by it, we mean your INTERNALIZED needs and desires must be EXTERNALIZED for a damn thing to happen!for if these desires do not actually seem real to you, how can you possibly forge them into reality astrally and manifest them physically? I’m not talking “belief” or some wretched “leap of faith” as many religions demand, I am speaking of making them so real astrally, you can literally TOUCH them as well as sense them using whatever other astral senses you have mastered.when they are “this real” astrally, it is easier to draw them into your realm, be it “true love” or a mountain of gold, or your enemies driven before you bloody and beaten.

Do you keep a "book of shadows or a grimorie of your works? you well should! for remembering is the greatest magic of all! and seeing your past in clear, sharp detail is prerequisite for also seeing your future and shaping it to your desires.

It is my hope you have found this useful,
or at least entertaining.

Really enjoyed that, thanks!!

Neat… I always felt that the saying itself when stripped bare of the background given in the Kybalion, of the mental nature of the universe (everything is thought), and the other laws, was a bit limited.

I should like to study where he was going in the months before his death.I got a small peek through an interview with a reporter the year of his death.