Do you make your own candles or do you prefer to just buy them off eBay or similar?


I make mine sometimes. If I have a very special ritual I will. Then I can add oils, etc. for the work right in the candle. I can’t say it matters as I have had good results with both. If you do make your own, I would recommend beeswax candles.
Just my two cents.


i go to a occult store here in buffalo area they have a great selection of colors , sizes and anything you need to use them essential oils in fact i used EA s ritual using candles and my chakara to bring a person into my life lol it was very cool the way it developed , i wanted to see if it was just coincidence so i stopped and this person stopped coming into my life as i started again after a small amount of time person once again started to appear eg. running into her at store , picking up her partners phone when i called him ( he is a co worker ) once at a red light i look in my rear view and there she is lol it was way to cool , but i have moved on lol more to do i had a great time in that month i never annointed candles with any attraction oils either follow EA s ritual


Occult suppliers are pretty hard to find here unless you’re willing to drive an hour to New Hope. I get my candles (Beeswax) online

I rub oils into them when needed.


Sukujin, thanks for sharing that site. Looks great. Hopefully they will get more items soon.


Link please?


Link please?[/quote]