Candles vs colour

So in the ooa first flame lesson 3 it’s says to use candles (certain colours) and scry into them and absorb the colour into your thrid eye,
Say im in a place I can optain a peice of paper that completely a certain colour but not a candle because let’s say
There’s smoke detectors everywhere it’s not aloud, barbed wire fence around the area and security and cameras everywhere?
What’s your opinion on sceying into the colour aloud instead of using a candle?

color therapy. there’s tons other charts for different characteristics too that you can find online. there’s science behind it as each color stimulate certain part of brain.


Yes it’s allowed.

I’ve found you can scry into just about anything. For example, patterns on the wall, bushes in a park, the darkness, the screen on your phone.

It’s all fine and dandy if you can get right the things, but truth is some of simply can’t for one reason or another. I love candles generally speaking, so often find them gifted to me or pick them up in misc bags at thrift stores. I’ve never had a black candle, despite them being easy to find online I rarely plan far enough ahead to order them, and I’ve used tea lights when I couldn’t get anything else.

Colored paper will work, even a colored square you fit to your phone screen will work, if paper is not on hand.

It almost sounds as if your in a prison.
When I was at a homeless shelter last year For domestic violence, we weren’t Allowed to have candles and could get kicked out over it. The only time I used one I took it in the shower while everyone was out of the house, turned the vents on and sat on the floor.

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Yellow is such an awesome colour but is a pure horror to combine it with other stuff to wear :scream:

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if you study color therapy like an artist designer. then you would learn how to make them colors shine with other colors. =o) I don’t know what you talking about but it goes well with nearly all colors. heres some ideas using in home design. Principle is no different from wearing clothes.

Also when you wear certain colors. it’s not for you. It’s to influence others as they are the one seeing you. It’s to get them to have good perception of you by way of using colors to influence. Hence why professionals recommended to wear blue at interview cuz it affects more favorably to you.

You need to be different to get people to remember you and you can do that with colors. OFten everyone wear bland color of black , brown , blue. Hardly you see people wear bright colors. If you the only one around to do it, you stand out and people will remember you.