Candles for Lilith?

Is it ok to ask lilith if she likes candles because i was going to ask her what type of candle she loves.

Im having some troubles trying to understand you.

You choose her name as yours, and you say you want her in your life BUT you seem so afraid and insecure about things related to her. I strongly helieve that fear is not a good way to start a relationship.

Show her some respect and appreciation, not fear and doubt, and let things unfold from there. I believe she will care more from that perspective than what candle color you lit.


So don’t ask her just do it. I do respect her.

Sure! I believe your intention is worth much more to her.

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Ok i here you thanks.

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I am new to this so i just trying to get a little help with this. But you are right i will have to let it just come naturally.

Anything, ask her anything you need to ask, i’s all good. Good communication is important and if you don’t ask how will you really find out?

If you ask us, you’ll get what works for us… typically people seem to use red or pink candles for passion with Lilith… but we all have slightly different energy, and what works for some doesn’t work the same way for everyone, so go ahead and ask, it’ll be fine. :slight_smile:


Thanks i appreciate it.