Candles during evocation

So I was wondering if this happens to anyone else. I use candles all the time and different colours for different demon and they burn… normal. Now when I summon Marbos the candles drip up. I have never in all my years seen a candle do that. Is this normal for him and has anyone else had this.


@Mike_Bee? Idk why but immediately you came in my head seeing this :woman_shrugging::sweat_smile:


Mine do that too, very curiosly when summoning…and very curiosly I had business with the great president marbas recently as well.


The way a candle burns can be indicative of the success or failure of your ritual and how the progress or effects of your spell will be.

Lots of leftover wax on the bottom or sides of the candle container can indicate blockage to the success of your spell/ritual. You might need to cleanse your space and try again.


Does this happen consistently or was it just this one candle?

This one didn’t ‘drip up’, you can see from the photo, the wick is uncentered and caused the candle to drip more on one side, by melting the wax faster than it could be wicked up and burn. You can actually see this in the way the wick is more towards the right where the drip is. As the candle burned down, the drippings are further away from the flame, so they didn’t melt well.

I recommend watching how energies in the room affect the flame. The flame is the ‘gate’ to the spiritual realm, and being very light can be interacted with by entities, that’s where the interesting stuff happens imo.

I’m a chandler and as much as a love candles, I think the whole wax reading thing is new age/Wiccan bullshit. It’s very easy for exposed candles to burn poorly, even a draft in the room can affect the shape of the melt pool. If you want results that you can trust, remove the factors that can be explained and put it in a hurricane jar, don’t fool yourself with wishful thinking.


I usually have 2 candles burning and they both do it. And it seems to only happen when I call to Marbas. I do not hear or see him but I sure do feel his presence. Actually with him all I have to do is think about him and I can feel him

I know what you mean, and it doesn’t sound like there’s a block there then :slight_smile: In fact you don’t need candles, do they matter when you can have an ongoing conversation all day?

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Good point. I think I just do it out of respect for him. I do believe that I do have a blockage when it comes to hearing. The top of my head feels like it’s going to pop off. It’s not consistent. It’s like having a conversation but when they speak it’s pain not words