Candles, does the color matter?

Ok so I’m out of a job right now and have no money, and I ran out of black candles a few months ago. Does the candle color really matter? I do have a large white candle but I don’t want to use it if it will cause problems. I’m not trying to do any summoning or anything like that yet, just trying to work on my energy/senses.

It doesn’t! It only matters if you make it matter or hold a meaning


Colors can help due to the associations each hue has. When people say, the color green, in the subconscious you think of money, prosperity, etc (its even in children’s books xD). You are able to utilize these associations to further attract and reinforce the goal of your working. However, as @MiKu said, don’t get overly hung up on color. Color is just a tool, and can add some formality to your work.


@MiKu I thought so, just making sure thanks!
@Ryce Ohhhhh I see

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From a “scientific magick” point of view if you use a colored light it’s even better, e.g. in an evocation you may put yourself in the Sun (yellow) or Water (cyan) sphere, or more generally summon angels and demons respectively with red and violet light. Provided, in any case, that they are a bit shielded in order to not be too strong; otherwise, simply one or more candles in a room where all the other lights are shut down will do fine.
Edit: that was a bit generally speaking too. Sorry, I missed some parts at the first reading.

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White is universal. Explain it to the spirit and will surely be accepted. And if not use a Black ink or pen to colour it. I think spirits do like persons who are acting straight forward and with decision.

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No, it does not.

You can use whatever colour you want. It is ONLY if you work within a system that uses specific colour correspondences that it matters.

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