Candle wax blends for lamps and blackend fire


Anyone know any good brands or mixes for making 7 day candles?
I’ve got a few im gonna try but would appreciate any input.

The paraffin wax im using lasts about 36 hours in a refilled jar, pillar i made looks like it may last 48 maybe a bit more.


I use stearic acid in my wax and it totally hardens the candle to last nearly a week. You can buy it at Hobby Lobby or on eBay. Hope that helps


Thanks @matanbuchus I’ll give that a shot in the next batch.
What kind of ratio do you use with that?


Tip 1… wax the wick. Only use wicks that are waxed. It slows burning time quite a bit. For lamps of fate… I always used paraffin. For altar icon of Blackened Fire I used bee’s wax. Candle making is definitely as much art as it is science. The hardening agent… Yes give it a shot. :wink:


Thanks for the input, gonna be makin my first lamp of fate this weekend so ill give it a shot.


The go to ratio is two tsps per one pound off wax. I always go a little overboard and double that.


Best results so far for alter candles made with a 6" by 3" pillar mold.
Supplies consist of the 10lb pillar wax blocks(likely parrafin but dont recall if label said it had any additives in it) sold at hobby lobby and beewax.

Wax ratio
2 parts pillar wax
1 part beeswax
4 tbl spoons if steric acid.
Made this in a batch large enough for 2 candles first lasted 7days and change.


Awesome. It’s an art in itself. Learning curve. :wink:


Next lamp to be buried, playin around with a new mold, 4$ at hobby lobby. Gonna add sigils to each side later.


Ok I’ll put my tail between my legs raise my hand and ask. What is a candle of fate and isn’t blackend flame candle metaphor? I’ve heard that term before but the candle doesn’t litteraly burn black right?


The lamps of fate refer to the type of candle magick in black magic of ahriman.
The blackened fire of zohak refers to the primary alter candle of that pathworking.

The alter candle is ritually connected to the practitioner through sympathetic elements and acts as a mirror through which the effectiveness of the lamps can be divined.

One of the methods of divination for the pathworking include pyromancy through flame,wax and glass if using jar candles.


The Lamps of Fate also differ because we consciously harness the powers of destruction to annihilate that which stands in the way of desire before lighting them upon the Blackened Fire of Zohak. This more effectively clears the way of manifestation of intent.

These candles are hand crafted so that they are born as tools of sorcery. It has been yielding incredible success with the devotees upon the Path of Smoke. It is evolving… For instance I have recently integrated the blood of sacrifice in the water which I use to cool the wax between dipping for tapers. The Prayers of Arezura can be recited during the creation to allow the candle to be infused with dark planetary powers of the Divs which align with intent. Plant allies re awakened to sentient consciousness by Igniting the Blackened Fire of Sol can be directly integrated into the wax along with any of the oils one may choose or the Venoms of the Black Sun.