Candle video worth the watch


This is a video I just watched and it had a lot of good information in it, this is new information to me so I thought it would be well placed here. If anyone wants to add in more information about candles that would be amazing :slight_smile: . The video is by “Samcosta Brujo Luis” he does amazing videos so please check his stuff out.




Interesting :thinking: and what do he do when it’s done? Does he through the glass with the pictures or he removes the pictures?


Good question, I’m not sure. You might remove it and clean them like the stickers.


Depending on the work will depict where they take the candles for disposal. Some just toss them in the trash.


Can you reuse them?


I have reused ones for incense storage but not has candles once cleaned sure . I would not reuse baneful remnants just me personally unless it was to hit the target again


For baneful magick yeah I would agree on not reusing the jar but if it were a candle for a deity or a money spell would that work? Also can you cleanse the jar to make it fresh and put new energy into it? Sorry for the on slot of questions.


Your fine. Its what feels right for you. I just started making candles and have not gotten quality wax yet but i have my stack of recycles ready. I dream of the day i can prep for samheim months in advance with candles, and so forth. I dont have the cash the buy gems so when i set foot i open with a request… i found a rock for just about everything. And i have a pletera of odin stones since i have started out.


That’s awesome, how do you enjoy making candles? That sucks you can’t get the gems you need, but could you use herbs instead?


Oh i live in the woods so the gifts i get are stunning… I will be using beeswax paraffin makes me cough… I love making my own candles. I do like adding herbs and oils to them has well.


That’s awesome do you have an out door temple or ritual area?


I have some areas i like to go to yes