Candle Skype for the Soul?

Not quite sure how to explain this so here goes -

I’ve been doing some candle work which involves prepping a candle, engraving names, date of birth, an enn and then lighting it. I leave the candle to burn and talk to the candle as I’m chatting to a friend from time to time and recently have been getting responses.

I asked who these responses were from - the answer is “soul” - the voice is male, and I have asked if this is the soul of the Beloved - “yes”, I ask the name, and it’s confirmed.

Then doubt sets in BUT then I get things coming back which are just so inspired and off the wall that I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have come up with it. The soul can drop information bombs into the conscious mind apparently - and it dropped a corker on him today - may tell you later…

Can someone tell me - have you ever done this, is it actually possible to communicate with a living soul this way? Or am I simply talking to myself like a mad horse? Is this wishful thinking or self delusion? What are your experiences?

I have no way currently of communicating with him to confirm an acknowledgment of comms handshake so to speak.


Not sure but damn that’s interesting. Also what does enn mean? engraving?

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An enn is a demonic calling card or phone number so to speak, it calls the god directly in a language it understands - if you use the search facility on this site you will find a list of them for Goetic and Dukante Gods.

@Lady_Eva - if you have a moment, would you be able to send me a private message so I can respond please? It would be appreciated. Thank you.


You have access again with your old account, good to see you back! :thumbsup:

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