Candle Question

I used a red candle calling out to Astarte and did a love spell. About a year later I recently cursed one of my enemies who was a close friend and back stabbed me really bad. This time I called out to the powers of darkness to make her madly in love with me to where it is torture to her. I lost contact with her a long time ago.

My question is, should I continue to use this red candle in love spells or should I just use a completely new one from now on?

Completely new one.

My rule is that candles that are for illumination may be reused. Spell candles must be fresh every time. Just imagine doing a pdychometry reading, with a piece of jewellery that had been regularly worn by 3 different people. Could be a little confusing, right? I also tend to bury a spell candle, once I’m done with it. This can be symbolic of putting the working out of your mind and allowing it to manifest.