A few days ago I started a hoodoo style candle spell, with embedded pins. The first day I burned the candle until the pin fell out and then I extinguished it. The pin was left at the bottom of the candle. The second day the same thing, but I forgot and when I came to extinguish the candle I found the second pin on top of the previous one, crossed in an X shape. Does this have any meaning?


I have performed this style of hoodoo candle spell on several occasions.

It really depends on what you were burning the candle for. If it is for a love related condition, it might be a sign that you will have to overcome certain defines or wards that the person has up.

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If you could elucidate a little more on what the spell is for, that may give a clue as to the sign.

Well, in that case, depending on how you feel, it could either mean that your crossing/hexing is working, or it could mean that you still may need to perform more magick to break their personal defences.

Perhaps do some sort of divination to discover the mean.

Well, I would interpret it as a sign that your magick is successful in this case.

I’ve always found crosses to be good signs when doing hexing work.

Really? then I am delighted! Thanks for your help!

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No sweat :grinning: