Candle offering question

I offered a candle to Lord Vishnu (and his Avatar Lord Dhanvantari) and Lady Laxshmi.

During the candle’s burn the flame split in 2.

After the candle as done (had burned out) the lung of wick that had split the flame :fire: looked like a butterfly :butterfly: or bow :ribbon: attached to the place the wick was by a thin thread hair thin kind of like those balloons :balloon: you get on a stick as a kid except bow/butterfly shaped.

Do bows or butterflies have any particular meaning in Hinduism?

Sorry I can’t show a picture if it, I messed it up moving it around trying to get a good picture angle and it broke up in the process.

Add: I figure the flame splitting meant it (the thank you) was accepted by both deities but wonder if there was a message in the shape that was left when it was done burning.

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The flame splitting might have been a way for all of the entities to manifest themselves through the fire. Giving you a sign that their both present? Just a thought.

Butterflies can represent transformation or change of some kind. If you think of a caterpillar emerging from a cacoon as a butterfly. Also think about what these symbols mean to you personally. Since they might be trying to communicate in way you’ll understand.

I don’t work with these entities specifically, so someone who works with them or knows more about them then me, might also give input.

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Very interesting. I meditated on this a bit and what came to my mind was firstly, that the splitting means the magick or petition is being directed into two directions.

With the bow, two things appeared in my mind: 1, that the magick has been sealed (as in, the petition has been accepted), so it is a fortunate sign. But also 2nd, there is a "knot’ that impedes the working. Possibly something to do with the situation overall that will not be overcome. I feel this is regarding a “side character” so to speak. The main object of the petition will be granted but if you thought it would change someone on the side as well or resolve some other issue, it will not.

I’m not well versed on the Hindu tradition, so I can’t tell you what it means in the context of that tradition, but this is what I obtained from meditating on this.

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