Candle Making

Any recommendations for inexpensive supplies, or even a good starter kit for 7 day candles?

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Hobby lobby and Michaels craft store has some decent prices on wax and they both will have the starter kits. Some of the hobby lobbies have books on the subject as well.

Also candlewic .com has alot of options. i got my steric acid from them for my 7 day candles. I think it was almost 20$ maybe a lil more for 5lbs of the stuff.

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Making candles are a really cool part of traditional witchcraft and can aid the process of a spell, because the candle is more empowered as you pour your intent and energy into making it.

If you can use real beeswax then that would be awesome but if you can’t, paraffin wax is fine. Go to town with our candle ! You can mix in certain herbs ( charged herbs ) that correspond to your intent in the making of the candle and imbue it with more energy. You’re also unifying the powers of air earth and fire with this.

You can add in colors ( by melting cheap crayons and mixing it in your candle wax for the batch of candles you’re making )

You can put in bitsbof shells, hair, other fetishes or whatever in the making of the candle.

And as you do his you charge it with your energy and intent. You’re gonna have one really sweet candle for candle magic.

You can jut light this and release your intent into the universe as it burns, no meditating required. I used to make batches of this years ago and light them whenever I had a need to and simply spending time staring into the flames and simply thinking about my goal for 2 or 3 minutes.

It’s a really nice form of on the go magic and you can make these candles for various purposes, again your imagination is the limit here :slight_smile:

All the basic things you need are just : some form of wax ( parrafin or beeswax) some form of coloring ( I recommend just melting crayons ) a mold to shake the candle, a pot to mix it in and heat to keep it fluid while mixing.

There might be more things needed but this is all I can think of off the top of my head.

Have fun !


Thank you both! As I try to keep my blackened flame of Zohak constantly burning, it occurs to me that I will go thru a lot of candles. The 7 day candles I bought don’t seem to last 7 days.

Your advice is helpful!

Ive been dealing with the same issue with store bought. Most last maybe 5 day, least the one ive found. So far my best results on burn time 6 days and change have been with a mix of bees, parrifin wax and steric acid.

Still figuring out the right ratio. Lil slow going at the moment. Getting ready to move things around once roommates move later this wek.

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I wouldn’t shop at Hobby Lobby. They are known to be super religious and homophobic.

I loooove candle making! It is so much more personal! The ritual starts when you start making your candle, really. It’s nice to have that much more time and thought input with your workings. Plus it just feels so witchy and fun.

As @Dinmiatus, the different waxes will burn at different speeds. Beeswax is very soft and will burn very fast. I would search on amazon for some kind of slow burning wax. I shop online for mostly everything. It’s cheaper and I don’t like interacting with people.

Those Mary candles that people leave at gravesites seem to burn very slowly, idk what kind of wax they use.


So what’s the Biggest Candle you have ever bought? I had this dream of having my own Temple room with many candles…but also pillar candles the size of tall humans

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They have those size in Lourdes, France.
This is a sick place where people pilgrimage from all over the world for a miracle. They give all of their savings for one GIANT candle. A priest lights it and says a prayer.
The candle burns for a couple hours.
At the end of the day they melt it down and sell it to another sucker.

oddly my beewax candles lasted longer than the paraffin ones i made, but still not as long as desired. so far the only ones i haven’t experimented with i think are the gel,palm and soy wax.

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Ah, good to know. I have only ever burned those roll up beeswax candles (to my knowledge, perhaps some other candles I use have beeswax). The roll up ones burn sooooo fast, perhaps it is because there is so much negative space because it is in a honeycomb texture.

I’m making my first candle right now. I mixed paraffin and beeswax. I didn’t put enough dye in, so it is a lighter shade than I wanted.

I’ve only used pound blocks or granular beewax. i usually still with paraffin wax for the lamps of fate but a, still working on the ratios for for the blend for my blackened flame of Zohak. those have burned down evenly for the most part lately.

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@Dinmiatus are you using wax adhesive?

With my glass mold pillars yeah, I melt a small amount of it to the bottom and them set the wick followed by filling it up after the wax after the adhesive has cooled. works better with the wicks that already have the metal tabs for me. here is what I use|540:540

I have a roll of medium thickness wick for the plastic mold ones I make, it was a hole to feed the wick through then is sealed with only thing is you have to watch the temperatures you pour it at or it can soften the sealent enough to leak though :expressionless: found that out the hard way…

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These are the molds I’ve been using.


I am using stuff from Michaels right now too. I have already buried mine, forgot to take a pic. It’s just a small jar candle.

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That sounds good to me, i only started getting larger molds so i could experiment with incorporating sigils with the lamps. I needed more surface area as my wax craving still leaves a lot to be desired. I am slowly getting better at the wood burning though.

Gonna be interesting to see how the next month goes as i continue with the litany of jupiter. Once it is charged i plan to test out some idea’s I have with the lamps and another project i am working on. :grin:

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I got a wood burner today, but the wood I got was too small!

I hate when that happens. I did that my first run to the store, thing burned straight through the wood. :expressionless:

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