Candle making

Hello so I made some candels for a reconciliation spell as I felt it would be stronger if I made them with itention and then proceeded to light and meditate…

However after they sat a while I saw that a hole was formed when dried… is this significant in a spiritual way? THank you <3

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No. That happens every time you make candles like that. To avoid it you can pour it in stages and let each layer cool down (it contracts then) before adding another.
Oryou can make them upside down (in a plastic bottle or milk carton).


thank you very much, i was getting worried <3

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I agree with @Yazata. Also, if you’re using soy wax, it seems more prone to having this happen.

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You can plan in a top-up as part of the pour as well. This is often why candles are poured upside-down - the marks of the topping up are hidden on the bottom.

In this case, if you can top up so that the wax just reaches but doesn’t overflow the edge of the hardened wax, it won’t show too much.

Tip: if you can top up before the hardened wax completely cures, or pour it nice and hot, it will slightly melt the layer below and blend in better.

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