Candle magick

Does the size and shape of a candle make a difference? If so, what kind of candle is most potent?

I use small Pillar Candle for my Candle Magick Practice and always Had Good Result, I used mostly Black Candle for Wealth Candle Spell and it always Worked good, I dont Believe that the Size of the Candle have any Influence on the result of the Ritual

Except maybe that if you Believe that if the Candle is bigger, it will be more potent to manifesting your Ritual it could Help you. Belief is a Mean to an End, not and End

I don’t think it truly matters about color or size but just to help me wrap my mind around it I’ll use colors that I associate with what my goal is. Like if I’m doing a money spell I’ll use green. A love spell pink. But I think the colors and sizes are more for the magician. I like to shop thrift stores and find odd or unique candles that haven’t been used yet. But that’s just because I’m weird!!

…it’s not the size that matters, but how you use it…

I do that! :slight_smile:

You get some cool stuff in those kinds of places, other than that agree with the above, basic black’s my preferred working candle, white next, size only matters if you buy one too small or usually, too large to burn in the time set aside for the ritual.

If you use pillar candles, read this about the importance of the first burn: #msg60823. :slight_smile: