Candle Magick

So I was wondering if candle Magick works better if you creat the candle on the days associated with what the candle is for?


Any time you put your Energy and push your results into an object than yes.

Do you mean melting the wax, making a wick and assembling the candle?
In Hebrew, the letters have colors associated with them. So you could make 1 candle by adding layer after layer of different colors (letters) and thereby make a word.

I know nothing of the African (based) systems, but I think it’s likely that a color to letter correspondence exists in every system.

As for the question: I treat a candle which I make as if it were a talisman. So in my opinion it does matter when you make it.

If you can make a candle, go ahead and do it.
Otherwise, it’s best to use a candle that corresponds to the colour, date and timing of the diety and what you’re working for.