Candle Magick

I have a break up candle and a DUME candle…
They are both for the same targets, but I have different spells for them. Can I burn them at the same time on my altar? Will I need to meditate them separately?

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If it were me, I’d do them separately as it would be easier to focus on each thing.

However, if you did some creative thinking before your ritual about how you can combine them, it might work! Use your intuition and your brain, strongest magic skills you have! :blush::heartpulse::heartbeat:


Thank you!

Thinking about it, I have other names on the DUME candle outside of the targets. I will do them separately.

Just speaking from what I have seen rootworker doing in practice, there is no prohibition against doing 2 candles at once. You would, however, need to prepare them separately and think about which separate complaints they are each addressing, and what the desired outcomes are for each.

Dume candles especially can manifest a wide range of outcomes for the target, whereas Break Up generally has just one.

So I’d start with Break Up and then use the Dume candle to address any further loose ends that are left untied by the BU candle.

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That is exactly what I was going to do!

Cool! I hope it brings you peace :slight_smile:

You probably already know this, but it’s wise to cleanse after working with the DUME candle, so you don’t get affected by it yourself.

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May I ask what “DUME” means? Is it an acronym for something associated with break ups?

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Death Unto My Enemies


In that case, use a black or white candle.