Candle Magick without the Candle

I know this is a random question, but knowing that you can stare at a sigil through a phone screen and get the same results as if it is drawn on paper, could you get the same results of candle magick by watching a video of the candle?

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If all you’re doing is trying to focus, its virtually the same thing.

It would depend on the spell.

Some candle spells require consecrating the candle with oils, or filling it with a specific energy through visualization before burning, and these cannot be done with a virtual candle.

Then, of course, there is the necessity of one of the great gateways to the spirit realm, fire. To function in this capacity requires an actual flame, not a pretend one.

You can open a virtual spirit seal because it is dependent on the perception of your mind, not on the seal itself, in the same way that you empower a visualized pentagram in the LBRP when drawing it in the air, but having it drawn on a wall does nothing without your intent.


Thanks for the explanation

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