Candle Magick to suck someone's energy


Someone could give me candle magic to suck someone’s energy …
I have a target that is bothering me, I have solved the useful with pleasant, because I am in an era of my life that I need energy, then …

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You’re looking for vampirism. You want to envision your target in the candle flame (if that’s the method you want) and send your tendril into them and pull their energy into you.


I did not perform the koetting exercises to develop the tentacles to suck someone’s energy … Do I still do it?

I mean you don’t need koetting? There are many methods to drain ones energy other than what he described


I say give it a shot


Thanks for the past Magicka … I just wanted to make it clear that I really have no experience with vampirism …

If you don’t need their energy and just are trying to hurt them, have their energy drain as the candle burns out. The mental imagery of their energy fueling a fire that ultimately accomplishes nothing and leaves them spent comes to mind.


Would it be good for me to write the person’s name on the candle so that it improves the connection with the person?

Try this ‘bar trick’ but with a twist…
Envision the red wine is your target’s Life Force (or blood) and the candle represents you('re energy/spirit). As the wine is drawn into the glass, so is their energy being drawn from them to you. Once the glass is full then bottoms up :slight_smile:



Does sucking anothers energy, make us more like them?
I mean, (for pure example) if I suck the energy of the crush of a friend of mine, does his/her fiance act the same way with me as for him/her?

Not necessarily. You still have to physically assume the role to Validate the energy

Also.edit:. Not just assuming the role, but not just you, but circumstances surrounding you. In the significant others mind you must “fit.” That’s the difference between an Impostor Con Job and the real thing. If it isn’t real, then you must make it real to be similar or better.


To a degree. You get to hear their thoughts.[quote=“Nicolas_Tomas, post:8, topic:18088, full:true”]
Would it be good for me to write the person’s name on the candle so that it improves the connection with the person?


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Say whaaaat.

Now what if one is in the same role that someone else used to be in? Ah it’s to hard to explain without an example. Say that one would want to suck the energy of the ex of one’s current partner? Would the partner be reminded of the ex or would the person start to remind themselves of the ex? Both are undesirable. Also, I’m not as psycho as I sound lol

No one is truly ever exactly the same. It’s just common sense really. Are you or someone trying to be like someone else? A role between two people has a unique theme. It’s a lifestyle. So are you going to try and be like someone else? In order to be with said partner it is simple really… Your “fit” had to be seen within your Line of Fate. If it’s too far then you simply have to DIE and become something else. It isn’t that easy as that comes with all sorts of problems.

Likewise, you make it sound so easy like you can just simply cast a spell and Baam. Waisting your time trying to Vampirize someone else will lead you to a Lower Fate and more misery. That is because you are energetically tethered to Misery. Vampirism is not about feeding and keeping someone down, ultimately it is about the proper exchange of energies between consenting partners. In other words…LIVING. That’s the concept of Ascended Vampirism. Now of course there will be those that do not agree with me, but then such people are always free to live in Hollywood.

Why are you bothering with someone you find undesireable?

It was just an idea someone had for a punishment. I would think they wouldn’t want to be energetically linked to someone they hate. Clearly not the right way to go.

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love this…