Candle Magick - Reading Leftover Wax

Hi! So I did a simple candle spell using a black candle to banish anything and everything that might be blocking/preventing me from manifesting my desires. It went well I think considering the candle burned fairly quickly (lit a taper candle around lunch and it finished burning about dinner time) with a tall flame the whole time. However, there was some leftover wax and it had quite an interesting shape to it. I was wondering whether it meant or could mean anything. All help would be very much appreciated :heart:


I don’t know about wax interpritation, however what I see is quite amazing. The main part of the wax looks like a winged serpent or a dragon ascending maybe it is has just hatched as the base looks like an egg. To the right of it looks like a snake’s head and crawling out of some hole in a rock maybe. To the right of that if you look closely looks like an eye staring at you, maybe some kind of snap shot of a reptiles face? Behind that looks like some kind of face masked by shadow. To the imediate left of the base of the wax which is triangular in shape, looks like a reptiles claw or tooth. Directly behind looks like a mouth grinning. Next to that I can see a corcodile or an alligator. Next to that and to the left look likes a crocodile’s or alligator’s skull. Below the skull and slightly right looks like some kind of mammal and directly next to a whale shaped formation. Like I said I can’t interpretate wax for the meanings I just labelled what I saw…you might have seen something different. I am sure someone in this forum is well veresed in candle wax interpretation…but I agree an amazing configuration :grin::+1::call_me_hand:

Your best bet is to take whatever wax remains and meditate on it for for any symbolic impressions from this aspect of pyromancy.

Otherwise or after i recommend discarding the leftover wax off your property.

This is my left over candle wax from a candle I used in a banishing ritual

A unhappy spirit maybe? :rofl::rofl::rofl: