Candle magick question

Hi Magi,

I have been doing candle magick for sometime now. Today i did a reversal spell, as i have a reason to believe i might have something on my back magickally.

Something strange happened today. Wick was acting weirdly when it got lit up, making some sound. It never did anything like it before. Also the candle used to take alot longer to burn down. Today its burning fast.

I dont know what to make of this.
Does anyone have any idea whats happening here?

Thanks in advance.

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For now and for future references; there’ll be many possible explanations. I have added here below; a link that seems useful.

Hope that helps, good luck :slight_smile:


craziness with reversal, absorption candles and the like seems to be pretty normal from my experience I’ve had a few crack the jar it was in into pieces. if it has any issue burning down is what i have learned to look out for with these workings. to me that is a sign of it being canceled out and normally i’ll redo the spell after tweaking it or preforming a binding on the target.

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It answered all my questions plus gave me more info.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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I had a weird dream this morning.

One small gal was in front of front door of my house. She had a broken egg in her left hand, it felt as if she brought it for us. I told her we dont want it, she would not listen. When my mom said no, the little gal ran away.

Does it make any sense at all?