Candle magick + mantras

Hi guys, some time ago I did find e.a.'s video on candle magick.
which, today leads me to expand upon the idea and to apply E.A.'s blue ray meditation (see below) and apply it to mantra’s for specific purposes.

I believe that generally the same main colors may apply for the same themes:

green, blue, black, white, orange, yellow, red, purple, (…) all have their different ‘themes’,
(you might have to look these up though, or, feel free to share these if you wish here below, for our fellow magicians - thanks beforehand if you would wish to do so :grinning:)

if you have a doubt, you might want to go for white.

‘mantra for…x or y’ might be excellent as keywords.

tip a: You can find more inbetween tips on candle magick here

tip b: ‘Candle magick’ in the forum search may yield some results with extra information


This is definitely interesting, since I have good success with candle magick and mantras, I’d be willing to try this.

Thanks for sharing something interesting. And actually magick related :slight_smile:


This also works with vibrating the rune names :slight_smile:
I usually get a set of three that compliment what I intend for the spell and recite them 108 times

there’s also a book called “mantra : sacred words of power” that outline how you can form your own mantras by translating some of the bija root meanings


you’re very welcome! :smiley:

omg very very cool! thanks for sharing! :smiley: