Candle magick has to be always done on the day of the god?

my question is, if you want to do candle magick asking any concrete God, for example Mercury, Have you to do the magick always on the exact day of the God, that is, wednesday, or you can do it on any day?

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Depends on the system we are talking about, but ultimately I have found it can be done on any day.


I am speaking of general magick, for example combining sigils.

Then my answer does not change. I’ve had success with different types of magic outside of the generally accepted timing and correspondences. I find that these are supposed to be tools to help with focus, not chains to bind oneself with.

If the god is Mercury, then naturally it is preferable to perform it on Wednesday, but also during the mercury hour.

But it can be done any day of the week, at the mercury hour, for best results imp

Any day , in some cases however their day is more effective