Candle magick for gainful, positive workings?

I have a dumb-ass level question here - I’ve successfully used candle magick for several baneful works, to get someone who was romantically obsessed with me off my back without hurting them too badly, to diminish aspects of all kinds of things that need banishing, reducing, you get the idea.

But I have a problem conceptualising candle magick to gain, acquire, or increase things, because all I’m seeing is that little sucker burning and vanishing before my eyes, and it seems contrary to reason that it can increase anything.

Does anyone have a human-scale kind of answer to this please? I feel like I’m missing a concept here, a way of seeing things, more than anything a spirit can help me with, so I’m putting this question out in case anyone can help me see the situation differently.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. :slight_smile:

I see the flame like a chat box. Type what you intend to send, then hit post and the computer forces it on its way. Now, you can do lots of things in the message ( the actual spell) in the chat box. You can increase font size, add pictures, be loquacious or concise, but the message will still get sent.

Candles are a medium for working, they’re not the spell itself.

Hope this helps.


Here’s a method I used a few days ago and it’s already beginning to manifest.
I made a sigil of intent of what I wanted.
I then opened said sigil.
Placed it under a black candle.
I then stared at the candle visualizing what I wanted just like with sigil majick.
When I could no longer hold the image I lit the candle,gazed into the flame,and released the desire and image “into” the flame by pushing energy into it.

I then stated out loud “I call upon the powers of darkness to bring me (insert desire here)) to the full extent of my will and desire.By the powers of darkness,my will be done”

I then blew out the candle and quickly inhaled the smoke coming off the wick and blew the smoke upwards releasing the last bit of desire I had into the universe.

I then of course put the sigil away and forgot about it.
I did this ritual earlier this week I believe,and started seeing results today so this isn’t just a thought.I did it and it worked.Period.

I’ve never really had success with candle majick or sigils of intent,but combined together they seem to be pretty powerful.
Kinda proud of myself for thinking it

Now MY question is:Can the same candle be used again for a different goal?

Oh yeah,forgot to mention I dressed the candle in “Majik Oil”

Hope this helps!

Maybe is the way you see the candle.

Whenever I watch a candle or a sigil being burn I don’t look at as if it was diminshing but transmuting, the fire makes the transmutation magick taking your intent while the wax is a “sacrifice” that slowly transform into something else.

Your desires doesn’t actually happen because of the candle, it happens because of you, it is more as a reality dinamic between desires and manifestation, a dance which involves both despair emotions and dettachment. So the thing is actually happening inside you and that pulls the strings of the “big fabric” into another universal pattern in which your desire is being satisfied.

The difference is the desire, for reduction in baneful magick and for growing in gainful magick.

For example, there was this guy I hated that lived here, while I was roomless around the house. I used magick to destroy him, physically and socially. At first he was in great shape, had a propper work and almost everybody in the family kind of liked the guy since he was very friendly and charismatic. I was kind of afraid it wasn’t worked but I forgot about it and just contemplate the happenings focusing in more important things like ascent or stuff.

It took around two months to manifest, he started to get tierd and tired, his work wasn’t recognized by his bosses, he ended up parting and drinking too much so he lost his work, and started to basically freeload at my grandma’s and other relatives and everyone started to hate the guy. The guy took a trip a couple days ago and he didn’t even paid the last month so every uncle and aunt came and told me (even that I haven’t spoke a word about it with them) That I had to kick the guy out of the house. It was so cool because they told me I had to do it.

Now I took his room and after today cleaning, it’ll become my headquarters.

For gainful magick, it was the same, my results were not that fast (tho faster than banful magick)… at first, they took a week or soemthing to develop, small coincidences that lead to my new awesome work, my editor finnally finishing my book’s edition, my improvement in speech (for selling) and more girls in my social circles.

And all I did was simple candle magick, using two black candles every time. I did sigil magik for some things but with very simple “set up”.

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Really cool stuff, thanks a million folks!!

I’m going to have a good think about this (busy week coming up!) and in the meantime share a theory/possible new spell idea that was prompted by reading this:

I read the sentence above and I was all like, “Duh, I know that” :o) but then in reality knowing and feeling are very different things, aren’t they… one of the reasons I think writing stuff down on paper is so powerful, is that it’s the first stage from the mental plane to physical appearance, and you guessed it, written spells are one of my core methods. Hmmn.

So then I had the idea that, if I’m that literal minded, why not try a spell using some kind of fast-growing seed like cress or chia seeds, and letting them grow (intent acting on existing forms, into life & growth - nothing there for my literalist mind to worry about) then actually consuming them - i.e., going with my existing way of thinking, instead of trying to over-write it?

I remember my nan growing cress on blotting paper, so there’s even the opportunity to write sigils (AOS-style), bind-runes, and other stuff on the paper they’re grown on.

I’m also going to work on my attitudes to candle-working, and figure out possible perception hacks to get round it (“A gift for a gift” from the Havamal - maybe include that and even the rune Gifu in some workings) and the cress thing, while it’s probably not everyone’s style here, I definitely want to try that out as well, and thought I’d share it fwiw.


If you command by the powers of darkness, why not call them into yourself and empower your visualization and words with their energy? It will make it manifest faster and more powerfully.

It was my specific thing of seeing candles in only one way that was blocking them as an option really… I can command all I like but if that gut-certainty isn’t there, it won’t have the effects I want, and might even be contrary. I don’t want even the smallest seed of doubt! :slight_smile:

Perhaps because I have had success with baneful magick using them, that’s why to me they’re a sort of one-way method, but the “Gift for a gift” thing (like EG said, as a “sacrifice”) feels most relateable for gainful work.

I agree with what others have said.

Fire itself, is a gateway - and fire has always been used as a way to offer sacrifices “to the other side”, often in order to effect changes here.

I’m going to wax poetical a bit now (excuse the pun) but when you light a candle, keep in mind what a thing this is. You are hearkening back aeons. You being able to light a candle represents so much.

A dark, harsh world surrounds man. A hopeless world. But man learnt how to harness the powers of nature for himself - with fire. It may be cold all around, but man can keep warm. It may be dark out, but man can still see. The beasts may be prowling nearby - but they seem to avoid fire. Fire is man’s hope, his protector, his saviour. Weapons were forged in fire, and empires built upon it. When man took control of fire, he began to take control of his own life…and so it is when you light a fire, even if it be just a candle. (no sexism intended I just can’t be assed typing wo-man)

Now…after all of that nonsense I just said, another way to look at it is definitely in transmutation. A physical material is being transmuted (and to eyes which didn’t know) transferred to another world. So for example, you light a red candle. The wax melts and is lapped up by the flame. The flame transmutes it and spits it out again into your room, but unseen to you. Your room is filled with a light that shines red. This light is accommodating to certain thoughts, feelings, beings - and naturally attracts things that correspond well to it.

You can experiment with this, simply by lighting different coloured candles, even without any intent and seeing what (if any) effect they have on a place or even yourself and experiences immediately following. (They of course, operate better with intent, but it is actually IME not necessary to notice some effects, they can to some extent be used almost “mechanically”)

For example, a few times I have wanted to use a pink candle for something…unfortunately, whenever I light a pink candle I seem to always have a whole load of unannounced visitors show up who seem to want to hang around - and as soon as one leaves another comes. That is definitely not the norm for me - I am rather a hermit and enjoy being alone. I’m not fond of being around people all the time. I don’t know if that candle would have the same effect for everyone, mind you.

I like to always have black candles around, when I’m working or studying, and part of that is because I was self-taught in a lot of techniques and as a child everything occult-related fascinated me, and of course on movies, TV etc they ALWAYS use black candles, so the association of black candles = work time :slight_smile: got really burned into my mind from an early age.

And then last year I did a fairly major working with a black candle during the Planetary Hours of Saturn over several weeks, asking to be relieved of all false restrictions, all the socially-created rules that stood between me and my full capabilities, all the ways in which the passage of time and the history of my life and my family’s inheritances (expectations, beliefs, the kind of psychological stuff that gets handed along) had ground me down a bit, and so on, and the effects of that banishing/releasing work are ongoing, it’s been really noticeable.

Since then, the black candles aren’t just because I like the way they look, and the energy, but they’re also a reminder to me of that work and the intention and will behind it.

Aside from outright baneful stuff, I used a pink candle to banish/diminish someone’s affection for me, this older guy I knew who had become a bit obsessed and I didn’t want to hurt him, just set him free - that was cool, and worked really well, and I’ve used small magenta candles burned beside the pain one to speed the effects up, which was an idea I found online but for whatever reason it seems to work pretty well.

Re: OP. One way to view candles differently is to see the diminishing candle as an affirmation of it’s increasing essence in the rest of the universe, as it vaporizes and expands through space, expanding your intent, etc.