Candle magick and Orgonite discoveries

Shortned down because most of it is obvious and I have to be elsewhere:

1) Candle magick: I thought it was too basic, too mainstream to consider it a good method. I thought it was just one of many symbolic acts the magician does to get into that state of mind where sorcery is plausible, therefore he or she don’t sabotage themselves by feeling inadequate. I was dead wrong. What I recently did was a 3 candle ritual, all of them black, and I charged them with energy and intent around destroying a person’s illness. One for the past, another for the present and the third for the future, just that. Well, I realized that the candle works like a rechargable battery and once it is properly imbued? The resulting effort is stronger than visualization and mantra alone. This is something 99% of you guys know, I am aware I am stating the obvious, but I am glad that it serves as example to anyone who’s having doubts about the method.

I charged them by holding them in one hand and doing standard visualizations, such as light being poured into the candle, and that alone. I didn’t visualize being filled to the brim, I didn’t care for the “accountability” aspect, in other words I don’t need to imagine how much is full, just that it fills. Do that a series of times, such as three or nine, and you will feel the candle changing.

I didn’t use any oils as I didn’t have any.

2) Orgonites: This I’ve said somewhere in the forums before, but I feel it must be reiterated and tied with the above. I was skeptic about them, thought they were nothing more than a New Age fad and expensive paperweights. That is until I charged one with intent as I bought a pyramid as a present. Well, I happened to reach something over the pyramid, and I instinctively reacted as I would if I were to hit a solid wall. In other words, I couldn’t move over the pyraid because for a moment I felt it as a solid object.

Placing my hand around or near it I had a distinctive feeling, that it was somehow alive with intent, much like you wouldn’t pet a wild cat lest it proves to be unfriendly. I was curious and asked the now owner if she had done any ritual or energy work on the pyramid and she said no, that she merely liked the object but had not had time to charge it. The time difference between when I gifted it to this person and when I encountered it again was at least a week and a half, if memory serves.

Was it the natural energy of the orgone pyramid?

Was it that my work on it still endured?

I cannot say for sure other than you should try yourself, but also you should either make one yourself or buy a cheap version, because those toys are somewhere between 20 to 75 bucks. And that whatever they are seem to act as a natural generator, maybe it is due to the pyramidal shape or maybe the ingredients, still, only one way to find out.

That is all.


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You should make a post on candle magic for noobs :smiling_imp:


Maybe I will, depends haha. Thanks d00d!