Candle Flame Turns into Horns (pic)

Was doing my morning ritual when the flame began to dance. This is a screen shot of a video I took.

This is just a regular tea light with no oil or anything. Just the spirits letting me know their here.

The video is pretty cool, but I couldn’t post it…


Oh wow. That’s amazing! :metal:
I really love little things like this.
Signs of magic :dizzy::sparkling_heart:



Very cool!

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My candles always just turn into bomb craters…

@tophat thats very interesting. So I joined just over a week ago and I’ve been spending all my time on here just reading. One interest of mine is necromancy and I ran across a post on here by a lady called @S.Boheme-old. I’ve spent a bit of time reading what she wrote and then I reread it again. Check her out if you havnt already. Now she isn’t on here anymore I think but yowzer. Go check her posts in her journal. There’s some pics in there that she took during a ritual and her fire bowl is doing exactly what your candle is doing. I find that INTERESTING. Nice pic

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I’ll check it out, thanks

Who’s sigils are this :’)

Thats badass \m/ awesome.

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They’re personal sigils, not related to the ritual I was doing. They’re for 2 of my servitors.