Candle flame help

Hi, so i evoked Lord Lucifer with his sigil on the candle and i dont know how to read flames, when i lit it ,it was normal flame dancing abit, then after it started to dance like crazy and the flame gets taller, it keeps going on like that until i put it out, a deep voice speaks to me every now and then… im not sure if he’s happy with the candle cuz it was a mini altar for him as well, can anybody help me read flames or is there a way to read flames?? Help would be appeciated thank you!!

For me usually if the flame goes high and flickers with lot of smoke it’s usually a “thumps up” from lucifer that it’s done :blush:

Mines just high and flickers alot, for like the a good 5-6 hours means good? @Tuxedo-cat

when that happens for me it means my request is accepted . Let’s see what more experienced members say :blush:

@MagickVigilante @DarkestKnight


You don’t need to read flames, I’ve never used candles in my workings, but it sounds to me that if the flame got stronger and higher and you heard a voice, your evocation of Lucifer might have been successful.

Don’t worry about offending him, you didn’t imo.

And I think he appreciates even the smallest things we do in his name (positive things of course)

Happens during my Jinn workings.