Can your entity be wrong?

What the title says? Simple question I do not expect a big discussion. I’m trying to determine what is my own mental chatter and what is (if anything) telepathic communication. I call up so and so cause I haven’t hung out with them in a while, and my “entity” goes they won’t answer on 2nd ring and boom they fucking do. So either i have an over active imagination, my ubi was wrong, or something else idk what. Is there anyone on this forum that can/would be willing to confirm my telepathy? Thank you.

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Well yes any entity can be wrong, no entity is all knowing, they also sometimes do guess work as well as practice improving their abilities.

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I can emphasize with the whole idea of guess work, I just find it surprising that an entity cannot predict a humans actions, regardless of my ability to correctly perceive information.

So what if I did want an all knowing guide? Any ideas?

There’s no such thing, each entity has their own knowledge of certain things. You won’t find something all knowing and if an entity claims to be all knowing it’s most likely bs to get attention.


Understand that but think with me for a minute. Something must have a better idea than something of what is or what shall be. Most humans ask for power or love, what if I seek knowledge above all except perhaps to put it bluntly and honestly, pleasure. Because honestly what the fuck else is there to live for?

Knowledge comes in different forms and you’ll be coming across many different beings. If you’re pursuing knowledge, and I mean general knowledge about anything and everything, you won’t get it from a single entity, you’ll get it from multiple entities that you come across or call. There’s no single entity that knows all, there are however multiple entities that know many things that they can share with you.


Alright so say for example I’m torn between 3 different potential living situations each with their own pros and cons? Who could I contact? Who really knows the truth of what happens after death? I have comfort and love but no actual sexual gratification from my ubi as odd as that may sound, but as I have the comfort so she fills her niche. But what if I want something to help guide me to make the right decisions in life, whatever they may be. I know a God/Goddess might have a better idea, but I have yet to have a successful evocation. In fact the only way I know in my heart and mind that what I perceive IS reality, is through clairsentinence, which seemingly appeared overnight, and has been with me for over 2 years now.

Contact an entity who are known for precognition, seer, divination, etc. Of course they can give you information on each possible case, but only the most likely for the current path. As the future is changed and altered by the choices of those involved. However, it can be taken a step further to where they can help it flow in a more positive way for you.

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That is very true and something I have always humored. That nothing is ever truly set in stone but there are choices you make in life that may lead you on/steer you from said path.

IAM interested in divination through dreams. OBE as well but I cannot project at will, only through lucid dreams, so waking hours leave me wanting or unsatisfied.

I do divination through tarot, oracle, and sometimes runes myself.

Any general tips for a complete newbie whose only gifts are empathy and clairsentinence and possible telepathy. I cannot reliably put myself into a trance state, more often I fall asleep during meditation. It is extremely frustrating. For some background info, I’m 25, live out the car, and I’m so stressed out I’m beginning to experience hair loss.

Well I’m more of a direct energy worker, I’m not really into the whole “dark magician summon demons to do things for me” type, so what are you looking for?

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I only summoned a succubus for companionship. I sought knowledge. Now I’m told she can be wrong, and this is something that not even @succupedia has mentioned before, probably because nobody else has bothered to raise the concern. I trust his word when it comes to ubis as law.

But to answer your question I am interested in manifesting things through my own energies like you suggested. But when it comes to knowledge, and understanding a topic, confirmation is needed to affirm ones beliefs or hypothesis’ which requires a third party.

Manifesting through your own energy can be done a few ways, through sigils where you’re charging it and only you, the way I do it is a mixing precognition into it, the different paths a situation can go and using my own energy to pull that situation as the most likely outcome.

But through sigils are you not still evoking said entity to assist you in your workings?

No, sigils you make not sigils tied to entities. Not all sigils are tied to entities.

Just as a side note on the initial point, you can also easily misinterpret what is expressed to you, especially when you are less advanced.

I just noticed the succubus bit…thats quite a bit different than the Gods/Demons.

Not a side note it is still the main focus here. That’s why I asked for assistance in confirmation.