Can you work with any few spirits at one point?

Sorry, I had a bit of a time trying to figure out how to best title this topic. I hope my question makes sense though in any case. So far it sounds to me like we can be int he process of doing workings with more than one spirit at any point in our lives, doing ongoing learning with one, while deciding to do an evocation of another for any reason, learning from two or three different ones over a month, etc. I would assume even that it’s fine to work with one spirit while in a demonic pact with another one, so long as the pact does not exclude the possibility of working with any others. Of course I understand that TOO many at one time would not be wise for the simple reason of confusion and/or burn out. But as I’ve seen so far it seems that most people can work with two or three perfectly reasonably.

But, are there any known spirits who will not work with you if you are currently working with or in a pact with other certain ones. Any who might both get a bit pissed right off if you try to align yourself to both at once. This notion of course sounds a bit more like preteen playground behavior (“I’m not speaking to you since you just talked to HIM, and I don’t like that little…”) but I think it could be a legitimate question. Are there outright rivalries within the infernal empire, or the astral plane in general? On one hand that seems a bit too human in thinking and therefore silly to consider, but on the other I cold imagine that the dynamic could exist anywhere, within any intelligence and not need to be a human thing.

I truly hope this is not taken as a silly question. My intent is really to start a serious discussion.

I would like to refresh topic because its a issue I am dealing with and i dont want to make another post about the same.
Only addition that i have is I read somewhere that you should never have more than 3 sigils active. Does IT mean that working with 3 entities at the same time is ok?

I can only speak from my own, rather limited but quickly growing, personal experience.

I have not run into a case where any spirit has refused to work with me because of a relationship I have with a different spirit.

Yesterday, I evoked both Raphael and Belial at the same time and asked them if they had any issues working with each other on a specific matter. They didn’t have any issue talking to me at the same time and working together to help me craft a ritual.

Yesterday, I worked closely with 4 separate “demonic” spirits and today I called forth the 4 “Archangels” during a ritual.

I think any issues that come up are more of a case of the energies interfering with each other, or perhaps a test to see where you are at on your current path.

If it ever comes up, I’ll just ask them why. If you can’t ask them why, it means you’ve skipped the important step of honing your divination skills.

Does IT mean that working with 3 entities at the same time is ok?

Don’t know anything about that and I’ve never heard it. I worked with two sigils yesterday without any problems.

As for working with multiple spirits, I had four advising me at one time a couple of days ago.

I’m seriously working on creating a strong mental link with any spirit I choose, so that’s something I’m practicing and actively developing.

The energy was pretty intense and I could really feel the pressure of it on the back of my head, neck, and shoulders. Any more than that could have been quite uncomfortable.

So maybe that’s the point of the suggestion. Don’t know.

I think it really comes down to the skill and power of the individual magickian.

In my experience you can work with as many spirits as your mind can cope with, working with many spirits ( especially when invoking ) can be hard work. So I guess that’s where the 3 spirit thing comes from. I’ve never encountered any spirit refusing to help because of my working with another spirit.

^ Agree with all the above, I work with many spirits at once, or in the same day, and I will usually check in with the ones I trust regarding working with a new spirit, so I think that helps.

If in doubt, ask. :slight_smile:

Sigil opening is a distinct method though, about which I’m not an expert, so if in doubt, stick to 3 or fewer open sigils, but when you’re using other methods, it shouldn’t create any problem.